JBBF17 Beer and Cider line up.

It’s good. And I mean really, really good. Check it out for yourselves here…

Beer list page 1: Alphabet Brew Co and Bakers Dozen.

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Beer list ciders

JBBF17 starts at 11am on Thursday 31st August.
11am until midnight on Thursday 31st, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd.
Noon until 11.30pm on Sunday 3rd.

Be there!

JBBF17: We love it when a plan comes together.

An update for JBBF17!

Well, we say update but this is more of a “look at all of the brilliant things we are doing” post!

As you may have seen from our social media threads this morning (check out the bottom of this post for links), plans for JBBF17 are at full throttle and we have a huge amount to announce.

So what do you want to hear first? Food? Bands? Breweries?


Let’s start with food! Over the course of the weekend, we have Brick Cafe (Gourmet burgers and hot dogs), Embe2Go (Caribbean), KuraKura (Sri Lankan) and Mobi-Pizzeria (Pizza!).

Entertaining your ears with brilliant music will be Risky Trick, The Overdubs, Glorious One Eyed Cats, Helen Smith, Black Hawk Down, The Lounge Acoustic, The P’Eggs and The Detonators AND an open mic for anybody else who wants to perform to the masses.

On Sunday, there will be the JBBF17 Quizzer and Chips, at the time of the weekend where most of us will have forgotten our own names!

And if you want something completely out of the ordinary, make sure you don’t miss the Drunk Poetry Stage with a spectacular line up of local poets, including two, YES TWO, Poet Laureates from Stamford and Peterborough.

Have I missed anything? Beers you say? Well, we couldn’t possibly let you know what beers will be lining up to tantalise your taste buds just yet. This year, JBBF17 will function a little differently to previous years with ten incredible breweries holding Tap Takeovers and Meet the Brewers throughout the weekend. However, that’s all we can say right now! Keep an eye on our social media channels (links below) as we release the Breweries over the next two weeks.

And… I think that’s it.



JBBF 2017

Our beer festival returns, from 31st August to 3rd September (same weekend as Burghley Horse Trials). We will have around 70 odd beers as usual, including the ever popular Jolly Good Beer Wall serving keg beer. Bands are booked, we will have food vans serving up fab grub and we have made a little tweak this year which we are very excited about ….all will be revealed very soon!

B13 Brew Day!

By Kia & David

We were incredibly excited to be invited to help Dean brew last week, even more so when we found out we would be brewing Jentacular which is absolutely one of my favourite B13 beers. One out of about 20, obviously! Dave and I have been on a lot of Brewery tours between us but nothing is more exhilarating than actually making your own beer. Well, Dean’s beer. And, one of the Bakers Dozen beers that we chose to have at our wedding!

I had advance warning that brewing is messy work and so rocked up, bright and early on Tuesday morning to the Brewery in Ketton, in my quick dry walking trousers and a shirt and fleece that I was quite happy to destroy in the name of spectacular beer. I had my sturdy work boots, a spare change of clothes and enough food to get me through the day. Dave bought himself and literally nothing else, meaning that he had to go home after the mashing to get his work boots and food, though this was a good opportunity to send him on a coffee run.

The first part of the process is measuring out the malts as this gets mixed with the hot liquor (water) where it is mashed by hand for around 30 minutes to make the wort. I managed about 7 minutes in total (three attempts) and was unable to lift anything heavier than a teabag for three days afterwards. The mash is held at 64°C for an hour, before it is transferred into the Copper while hot liquor is flushed through the grains to get all of the delicious sugars out of the malt.

The transfer takes around an hour and then the wort is boiled with bittering hops which takes another hour or more; so we got to spend some time playing with hops and taking photos. We were lucky to be able to measure out some Citra hops for this brew (for those not in the know, Citra hops are like Unicorn Poop) and in comparison to the other hops used in this beer (Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe), the Citra hops were incredibly sticky and resinous and the aroma was to die for, a combination of citrus and Summer. Not all of the hops go in at the same time, a combination of bittering hops went in at the start of the boil to create, well…bitterness, and the majority of hops are added at the end of the boil to create the flavour and aroma.

While the wort and initial bittering hops are on the boil, it’s time to start cleaning out the spent grains left in the mash tun. So we dig ourselves a hole, jump into the mash tun and start shovelling out the malt. This delicious boiled malt (tastes like creamy porridge, no wonder the cows love it) is shovelled into rollable bins which a local farmer collects and takes away to feed to their cows, creating a nice circular economy around the Brewery and decreasing waste. Once the solids are out, the mash tun needs rinsing, cleaning, rinsing, cleaning, rinsing and cleaning again. We’ve been on a lot of Brewery tours and have never really appreciated just how much cleaning goes on in a Brewery!

In this time, the wort and bittering hops are close to the end of their boil and the flavour/aroma hops are added into the top of the Copper. We climb a ladder, open the lid of the Copper and the most amazing smell fills the Brewery, made even better with the addition of more hops and the Citra hops.

Buckets of measured hops are passed up and poured in, stirred throughout the wort and left to boil until it is time to transfer the wort through the heat exchanger to cool it down before it enters the fermentation tanks. This is done to ensure that the wort is at 20°C before the yeast is added.

The Copper drains and there is a little more downtime while we wait for the hops left in the bottom of the tank to cool down, before transferring them to used malt bags for use at a customers allotment, again ensuring that waste is kept to a minimum and there is a further use for all of the ingredients used in this batch of beer. The hops cool enough to be shovelled out and then it is time to get into the Copper, with the pressure washer, and bathe in hops. It’s messy. It’s wet. You get covered in hops. And you’re playing with a pressure washer. What’s not to love?

And the process repeats again. Rinsing, cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing, cleaning scrubbing. Until you think, and I stress think as by this time there are probably bits of hops stuck to your corneas, that every bit of wort and hop has been removed from the Copper. Then it’s time to send the hard core sterilising cleaning stuffs through and you lay on a pallet of malt, soaked to the bone and covered in hops, wondering how long it will be before you get to taste the beer you have just made. Before nodding off and dreaming about hops and beer and beer and hops.


Cleaning the mash tun.Citra hops, aka Unicorn Poop!Aroma hopping the beer.

10 Year Anniversary

May 2nd 2016 marked our 10 year anniversary here at the JB. The perfect excuse for more beer, music and general merriment. Thank you to all of our customers over these last 10 years, it’s been awesome!

Dean & Jill cut the 10 year ann

Celebrating 10 years at The JB

The P'Eggs, local band play at the beer festThe "P'Eggs fans wave decorated pickled eggs10 year anniversary mini beer fest