Dining Room

Man reclining in the Jolly Brewer hammockOur dining room may be small but has multiple uses to offer. We can seat a cosy party of up to 14 to eat. You can book the room for a meeting (free of charge, please just buy a drink!) – we have several committees, sports clubs & leisure groups which use this room. It also plays host to our dominos & crib teams.

Although we have a large HD screen in here, it is switched off during food service hours for those who don’t need the sport on permanently. We will however switch it on for large sporting events – World Cups, Euros etc. Be warned however, at these events forward-thinking customers are welcome to book this “Executive Lounge” for a group – it is the only area of the pub we will reserve seating for large sporting matches.

We reserve this room for buffets, please enquire if you would like us to put together a buffet menu for your event. We have a basic buffet on offer but often find customers like to tweak it with their preferred food choices or budget requirements. Depending on times & dates we can offer a buffet for groups up 40 (for example, we probably won’t book your party of 40 in on a Friday night – as we won’t be able to guarantee you space for that amount!)